The Green Washington 2010 Award

Ducky's is excited to announce it was a finalist and runner up for Seattle Magazines Green Washington Award for 2010! Ducky's used furniture trade-in program and innovative green products were both determinative factors in receiving this great honor.

Greener Products

From 100% recycled fabric options to the first panel system to use an annually renewable core instead of fiberglass, Ducky’s carries a long list of greener choices when it comes to your office furniture needs. Our main product line, Hon, manufactures entire lines from cubicles to seating which conform to the Indoor Advantage indoor air quality standard which aims to reduce indoor air pollution prevalent in office environments.


Recycle / Re-Use

Even though a majority of our business is providing new product solutions for our customer, Ducky’s is well known for selling used office furniture. Since our inception over 30 years ago, we have re-used or re-sold over 1,000,000 pounds of used office furniture. For instance in 2006 alone we re-sold over 80,000 pounds of filing and 50,000 pounds of desking. Many of these items would end up in our landfills if there was no outlet like Ducky’s to warehouse and resell them.



At Ducky’s we sell products with exceptional value – better quality at fair prices. We sell products that we feel will last for many years, furniture that will move with you and not fall apart. Part of contributing to a greener world is not selling or buying disposable items and we at Ducky’s fully believe in this principle.